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      Thats all right, said the doctor. Besides, we arent out of the wood yet. Shes fearfully weak, and there might be trouble still.A great responsibility has been laid upon you, Lady[53] Wyndover, he said. I now have the pleasure to place your ward in your hands. As you say, sheeris extremely beautiful, and is possessed of an immense fortune. This you know already; but I shall be extremely surprised if you do not shortly discover that she is possessed of something else.

      She was startled and bewildered. It was the first time she had ever been made love to, for though no doubt every young man in the camp worshiped her, and would have gladly made her his wife, not one of them had ever dared to tell her so, or to even hint by word or sign at the state of his feelings, for the simple reason that she was regarded by the whole camp as a kind of queen. Besides, it was well known that her guardian, Varley Howard, would not permit of any love-making, and that the man who should venture to propose marriage to Esmeralda would far more probably be the chief personage in a funeral than in a wedding.

      Ought I to be nervous? Esmeralda said. Ill try to be, if you think I ought. Havent I got too many jewels about me? Ive got almost as many as you have, and I seem to myself to be all ablaze.

      Ererjust so. My client, Mr. Gordon Chetwynde, was extremely devoted to his daughter, and ernot unreasonably desired to see her suitably married. Unfortunately, although she had several brilliant offers, she fell in love with a quite ineligible young man with noersettled occupation or prospects, and with not the best of characters.



      Trafford went into the hall for his light overcoat.Lord Norman tilted his hat over his eyes and considered.